Designer’s drawing

Upstream of the process, our designer, Studio Saint Antoine, conceives a contemporary product that brings together all our values : exceptional, unique, sophisticated, elegant and aesthetic.

Creation of a resin model

To better represent the product, our artisans create a resin model based on the drawing of our designer. The purpose of this model is to capture the essence of the product, in order to better prepare the next steps.


The most important part of the process is to use the sand-casting method to mold the product. So as to, we compact sand firmly between both sides of the model board. Once it’s done, we take off the boards and carefully examine each half of the mold. We place back together the halves in order to form a cavity holding the molten bronze. Then, we melt in a crucible 300 pounds of bronze ingots, that will reach a temperature of 2,200°F. We pour manually bronze into casts and left it cooling, then we remove the product.

Machining and polishing of the product

We then proceed to a thorough work on the product, as we polish it and make sure that it is as you had imagined. This is the moment of the process where the creative force meet the ease of use, all meeting our exacting quality standards.

Surface treatment

This last step is used to customize the product according to your preferences, whether in terms of the chosen texture (modelled or stripped) or the desired finish (24 carat gold, 24 carat old gold, polished brass, silver, old silver, dark bronze).